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Accordingly to a highly discussable theory of digital and analog standard compatibility, upcoming april'19 SHNOOR brand launches new ready-made DMX/MIC multipurpose AES/EBU/DMX & microphone cable series.

Theory and practice.

AES/EBU standards were developed by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and first published in 1985, later revised in 1992 and 2003. 110 Ohm wave impedance for cables was selected as obligatory to transmit digital audio signals between various devices as well as DMX protocol. The most of cables widely used in 1990-s included aluminum foil layer to reach the crucial impedance. Resultingly they where poor in mechanical characteristics such as small bending radius, low flexibility and reeling that was not applicable to analog audio connection. Nowadays modern cable designers are able to exclude foil and use closely twisted pairs of conductors with a short pitch to match the 110 Ohm standard and reach the resistance against external electromagnetic interference field. At the same time it has become possible to have outstanding electrical performance of low capacity and resistance.

Table below shows the advantages of SHNOOR DMX flex cable regarding top-popular SHNOOR Microphone 224 cable:

Parameter | DMX Flexx | Microphone 224
  • Conductors | 2 x 0,22 mm² (AWG 24)| 2 x 0,226 mm² (AWG 24)

  • Shield | Tinned copper braid | Bare copper spiral

  • Overall diameter | 6,5 mm | 6,0 mm

  • Jacket material | PVC | PVC

  • Conductor resistance | 82 Ohm/km| 78 Ohm/km

  • Conductors capacity | 118 pF/m | 157 pF/m

  • Conductor/Shield capacity | 56 pF/m | 160 pF/m

All the technical characteristics available at

The years of testing the SHNOOR multipurpose cables in everyday stage use practically proved the product compatibility to both the digital and analog audio connection.

We are proud to enble thousands of professionals to use the benefits of multifunctional SHNOOR DMX/MIC cables.

Products are available at and music retail shops worldwide.

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