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Upcoming april'19 SHNOOR brand launches most-wanted Y-type slit cables serie s.

We offer 4 most-used types:

  • 3,5 mm TRS phonejack – 2 x RCA males

  • 3,5 mm TRS phonejack – 2 x 6,3 mm TS jacks

  • 3,5 mm TRS phonejack – 2 x 3-pole XLR males

  • 6,3 mm TRS jack – 2 x 6,3 mm TS jacks

The cables designed to fit both musicians and sound engineers who need to connect various sound devices.

New SHNOOR split-cables is a reliable solution for everyday stage use with obvious advantages:

- Russia in-house assembly with a high-standard soldering and electronic signal transmission control

- High-quality copper (purity 99.97%) with a cross-section of 0,226 mm² (AWG 24) that guarantees excellent signal transmission

- Die-cast all-metal connectors with gold-platted contacts and silver-platted XLR pins , tight rubber bushings and durable latches

- Eco-friendly plywood packaging and extraordinary design

Brand-new cables sales starts at 15 april 2019!

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