Microphone 224eco balanced microphone cable 2x0,226 mm² (AWG 24), d6,0mm, black

Microphone 224eco balanced microphone cable 2x0,226 mm² (AWG 24), d6,0mm, black

The Microphone 224eco is a high quality and economically priced balanced cable with a multilayer shielding and a wire cross-section of 0,226 mm² (AWG 24) for various sound devices connections.

  • Outstanding parameters

    Good signal transmission due to a high quality copper conductors with a 99,97% purity


    High density of twisted conductor strands to meet the requirements of balanced signal transmission                   


    Combination of spiral copper shielding and extra conductive layer to avoid electromagnetic interference


    Flexible and  PVC jacket with excellent reeling and winding properties even for extreme temperature environments


    Eco-friendly plywood reels packaging suitable for display stand presentation

  • Series full description


    The Microphone 224eco series designed to deliver years of reliability to musicians who ask for professional and yet economically priced cables. SHNOOR Bestseller series since 2014!

    Cable conductor       

    We use high-quality copper (purity 99.97%) with a wire cross-section of 2 x 0,22 mm² (AWG 24) that guarantees excellent signal transmission

    Cable shield  

    Microphone 224eco double shielding not only affects high signal to noice ratio but also outstanding flexibility and reeling

    Cable jacket

    A special rubber-like PVC jacket ensures flexibility even at extreme temperatures


    Microphone 224eco  cable totally fit todays industry standards and widely used for ready-made SHNOOR cables at Russia assembly facility

  • Technical data


    2 x 0,226 mm² (AWG 24) | 20 x 0,12 mm bare copper


    spiral 80 x 0,1 mm bare copper + conductive Polyethylene


    6,5 mm PVC black


    78 Ohm/km conductor | 30,5 Ohm/km shield


    157 pF/m - conductor/shield | 160 pF/m conductor/conductor

    Operating temperature


    Peak temperature





    Microphone 224eco BLK B100m 

    Microphone 224eco BLK plywood reel 100m

    Microphone 224eco BLK plywood reel 50m

    Microphone 224eco BLK plywood reel 30m

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