Classic guitar PATCH cable with angled 6,3 mm TS jack connectors

Classic guitar PATCH cable with angled 6,3 mm TS jack connectors

The Classic PATCH is a PRO-quality and middle priced instrumental cable with a multilayer shielding and a wire cross-section of 0,226 mm² (AWG 24) designed and assembled in Russia for studio and stage use.

  • Outstanding parameters

    Pure signal transmission due to a high quality copper conductors with a 99,97% purity


    Combination of spiral copper shielding and extra conductive layer for noiceless operation


    Die-cast all-metal connectors with gold-platted contacts for perfect shielded signal transmission


    PVC jacket with excellent flexibility


    Eco-friendly plywood packaging suitable for display stand presentation

  • Series full description


    The Classic PATCH series designed as a middle priced ultra-reliable cable for demanding musicians who ask for a pure noice-free sound, uncolored tone and a wide dynamic range of a personal fitted pedal board

    Cable conductor

    We use high-quality copper (purity 99.97%) with a wire cross-section of 0,226 mm² (AWG 24) that offers a good capaciance of 123 pf/m (37,5 pf/ft) resulting in pure signal and uncolored tone

    Cable shield

    Classic PATCH double shielding not only offers a noiceless operation but also outstanding flexibility


    SHNOOR SP2R-G-B die-cast connectors with gold-platted contacts and a chuck type strain relief totally fit todays industry standards of connecting guitar pedal boards


    Designed and assembled in Russia with a high-standard soldering and electronic signal transmission control

  • Technical data


    0,226 mm² (AWG 24) | 20 x 0,12 mm bare copper


    spiral 48 x 0,12 mm bare copper + conductive Polyethylene


    6,0 mm PVC black


    84,7 Ohm/km conductor | 39 Ohm/km shield


    <102 pF/m - conductor/shield 

    Operating temperature





    PATCH 15cm

    PATCH 30cm

    PATCH 45cm

    PATCH 60cm

    PATCH 90cm

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