S3FX XLR female, silver-plated 3-pole contacts, nickel-plated die-cast shell

S3FX XLR female, silver-plated 3-pole contacts, nickel-plated die-cast shell

Worldwide accepted standard of XLR connector with outstanding soldering, constructive and cable strain relief properities.

  • Outstanding parameters

    Female connector with improved cage type contact for increasing conductivity 


    Durable chuck-type strain relief resist higher pull-out force


    Die-hard bushing with a polyurethane gland for safe cable bending


    Rugged zinc diecast nickel-plated shell and silver-plated contacts to protect from rust and extreme environments


    Colored rings and bushings available for coding or identification

  • Product full description


    The S3FX is an economy priced ultra-reliable XLR connector for wide range of musicians, sound engineers and light technicians who ask for a not expencive but durable industry standard compatible solution


    Silver-plated soldering-friendly 3-pole contacts and special ground contact for perfect integration between chassis and cable connector


    Rugged zinc diecast nickel-plated shell easy and fast assembled due to a covered internal thread connection equipped with ultra-reliable ergonomic lutch

    Bushing/strain relief

    Chuck type strain relief and durable bushings for the best in class cable protection while bending and pulling at everyday stage use


    The S3FX totally fit todays customers choice and widely used for ready-made SHNOOR cables at Russia assembly facility

  • Technical data

    Electrical parameters         

    Contact resistance: ≤ 10 mohm

    Insulation resistance: > 2 kohm

    Rated voltage: <50 V

    Rated current per contact:16A

    Mechanical parameters     

    Cable jacket diameter: 3,5-8mm

    Wiresize cross section: 2,5 mm²

    Wiresize AWG: 14 AWG

    Wiring method: soldering

    Locking type: latch lock

    Lifetime: >1000 cycles

    Basic parameters    

    Model: S3FX

    Brand: SHNOOR

    Connection type: XLR 3-pole

    Mounting type: cable mount

    Gender: female

    Packaging: Individual plastic bag