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Special bass cable challenge from SHNOOR.LAB

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February-September 2022 – participants sign up

May-October – free samples delivery

September-December – participants reviews post

April 2023 – Final challenge movie post in the run-up to NAMM SHOW



Here at SHNOOR.LAB we are always searching for music industry “blind spots”.

Today all BASS players feel confident using special bass strings, bass picks or bass straps.

One day we thought “Why don’t they use Special BASS CABLES? Not guitar ones?”.

After a year of research and crazy experiments “BASSIST” special cable with unusual structure was launched. Product was successfully sold to retailers and production is continuing today.

The impact was unpredictable cause it has divided our customers and even friends /we hope not families/. Some of them felt difference and were able to hear wider dynamic range playing SLAP or more clear OVERTONES. Others stayed sure it’s all just a marketing.

We kept working hard running tests at studios and global trade fairs for years.

And finally, all it led us to start a big international challenge.


We have prepared a number of trial boxes with a regular 3 meters/10 ft. with “SHNOOR Bassist” cables as well as testing tips. After approving application form they will be sent free of charge with shipping costs covered to any place in the world /at least to any post office :)/. Participants are proposed to make a video of independent test with all positive and negative reviews shown. In May 2022, we will mix all most interesting parts of all reviews to make a Challenge movie and post it on our YouTube channel in the run-up to NAMM SHOW 2023.


We invite ones who influence musical society:

Music bloggers experienced in testing bass and guitar gear as "Media" /Media Application form/

Retailers and distributors who run video reviews channels as "Business" /B2B Application form/

All concerned musicians who are always chasing their tone as "Challenge subscriber"/subscribe our YouTube channel/.


Most of all we wish to understand is there a place for a special BASS cable in tomorrow's retailer catalogues. Anyway, only musical society can create something new in musical world!


  • 10 countries involved

  • 17 participants confirmed

  • due to high demand we have extended participant registration to September 2022

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